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AGZA: American Green Zone Alliance

Lē'ahi Landscaping is a proud member of the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA). Every Lē'ahi employee is an AGZA Certified Service Pro, enriching their knowledge and commitment to your environment. The American Green Zone Alliance is committed to improving quality of life for communities, working conditions for operators, and best practices for the landscape maintenance industry. AGZA Certified Service Pros perform maintenance with low noise, zero-emission, low-emission equipment and sustainable practices. They've phased out the use of all two-stroke tools, eliminating tons of airborne pollutants every year and permanently lowering operating noise by up to 70%. The health and environmental benefits will be enjoyed by their customers and the community at large. Lē'ahi Landscaping is currently the only AGZA certified landscaping company in the Hawaiian Islands.

In addition to certifying the employees of Lē'ahi Landscaping to ensure the highest degree of knowledge, safety, and education amongst our work crews, AGZA has created the AGZA Green Zone Certification. AGZA Green Zone Certification establishes municipalities, academic institutions, school districts, and private industry as models of low impact land care for their communities.  Certification also strengthens environmental leadership and sets examples for clean, quiet, and sustainable landscape maintenance practices in their region and beyond. This can be a large value-add to any property, HOA, or investor who wish to provide a standardized assessment to the "health" of the land, and attracting investors who have environmental concerns or ethical considerations. 

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